Q: How is the weather like in Hong Kong?

A: Hong Kong weather is mostly cloudless and clear in December. According to the Hong Kong Observatory, the temperature on 28-29 December will be around 15-20 °C, and could be cooler on the trails during night time. Racers please refer to the HKO for the latest update on weather forecasts to prepare accordingly.

Q: I have arrived at the start. What should I do?

A: Operation at the start at Pak Tam Chung will start at 6pm. Please follow the steps below for registration: 

  1. If you have ordered GPS or have not picked up your racer pack, please proceed to the reception counter. 
  2. Proceed to the Bag Drop Area to deposit the support bags and baggage bag. If you would like to deposit additional baggage to the finish, we will collect HK$200 per bag. Please prepare exact change. The additional baggage will only be delivered to the finish.
  3. Proceed to the Gear Check area for gear check. Kindly note that after you have cleared gear check, you will have to stay in the Start Zone.

Bag drop cut off: 19:30
Gear Check cut off: 19:45

Q: Can I transfer my bib to my friend?

A: No. Transferral of bibs are strictly prohibited. Upon discovery of such irregularities, we will disqualify the racers concerned and we reserve the right to reject entries to future editions of the Golden 100 Hong Kong.

Q: Does disposible ponchos qualify as mandatory gear?

A: No. Please refer to the here for the waterproof rain jacket requirement.

Q: How are the gear check procedures like?

A: There will be gear checks at start, some checkpoints and finish. We will not disclose which items we will be checking. If racer cannot pass the gear checks, the following penalties will apply:

  1. Missing mobile phone or phone is out of battery*: disqualify from race *We allow racers to charge phone at the checkpoint.
  2. Missing waterproof rain jacket: disqualification from race
  3. Missing other mandatory gear: time penalty of 30 min per missing item

Q: Will there be live tracking?

A: Yes. All racers will have tracked live. Please refer to the following links:

Live results
Map tracking
No live tracking provided at checkpoints SP1, SP2, and CP16 for the 100-mile course

Racers who have rented the GPS tracker, GPS tracking will be available here.

Q: What can I do if I am lost during the race?

A: There are plenty of signs on the race course. If racers follow the signs, there should not be an issue. If racer got lost, please contact the organiser’s emergency number at +852 6189-2129. Crew member will handle the situation immediately.

Q: Will the checkpoint support bags be transported to the Finish?

A: Yes, all CP support bags will be transported to the finish, racers may offload their carryings and pick up again after the race.

Q: Why is the CP7’s cutoff time is earlier than CP6 for the 100 miles race?

A: With regards to the 100 miles and the 100 km categories, the cutoffs at SP1 to CP6 would be the same. 100 miles racers would have to check in at CP7 at Lead Mine Pass before 14:30 on 28 Dec in order to proceed to the rest of the race. Racers arriving after would be switched to the 100km course automatically.

Please note: arriving at SP1 to CP6 before cutoff, do not guarantee arriving at CP7 before cutoff and proceed to the rest of the 100 miles course. Please take note on the cutoff times. Any 100 miles racers who would like to switch to 100km course can inform officials at CP7.

With this arrangement, we hope that 100 miles racers, even if arriving CP7 after cutoff (28/12 14:30), can still have the chance to complete the 100km race. However, if racers arrive at SP1 to CP7 after the 100km cutoff, they would not be able to proceed.

Q: Can my friends cheer for me along the course?

A: Pacers or support runners are strictly prohibited. Racer’s supporters can provide support only at the Public Support Zones. Please click here for locations along the 100-mile course, and here for the 100-km course.

Q: Can I take showers at the finish?

A: Yes, showers facilities are available at the finish.

Q: Can my friends use the food at the finish too?

A: Yes. But we will not be handing out disposible cup and utensils. Supporters please bring their own.

Q: I expect to finish after midnight. How can I leave the finish?

A: We have arranged special shuttle bus to and from the Yuen Long MTR Station at night. Supporters going to the finish can also use the service. 

Time: 28/12 11pm – 29/12 7 am
Frequency: every 30 min
Number of seats: 26
Boarding locations:

Outside Tai Tong Holiday Camp sports pavilion
Yuen Long MTR Station Exit H

Q: Do I need to collect my drop bags in person?

A: Racers can pick up their baggage at the finish. For racers who have withdrawn, they can arrange friends and family to pick up at the finish before 3pm on 29 December. Note: whether racer or not, baggage pick up will require to show bib for verification.

Q: How do I get the finishing souvenirs?

A: After crossing the finish line, finishers will get the souvenirs, depending on their results. For details, please refer to the Racer’s Guide. At peak times, the finish areas could be quite crowded and we would appreciate your patience. Crew members on site will provide more directions where applicable. All souvenirs will be handed out during the race and would not be available after.